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FuneraLogic was developed to change the way your funeral home communicates. Until now, there has been a disconnect between all parties involved in collecting information for funeral arrangements. This has the potential to lead to embarrassing mistakes in an industry that cannot afford to have any, given the sensitive nature of its services.



At its essence, FuneraLogic is a collaboration suite for your funeral home.
Dashboards, checklists, easy to understand icons and other communication features make it easy to know what is going on in your funeral home.

Any Device Graphic

Any Device

Your users can access your funeral home's data from any
location on any device.
Every user in your organization can get real-time information without having to be at the office.

No Duplicate Entry Graphic

No Duplicate Entry

The most time consuming part of any arrangement has been the entry of the same information from form to form.
Enter your data once and have it automatically populate your forms for you.

Checklist Graphic


Create your own custom checklists with our special directives.
Organize your outstanding tasks by department or role and simplify who is responsible for what.

Selection Statuses Graphic

Section Statuses

Easy to understand icons put everyone on the same page.
Know what is complete for an arrangement and what still needs attention with a simple glance.

Scheduling Options

Resource Availability Graphic Resource Availability With the ability to see multiple calendars side by side you know who is available to be scheduled. Managing multiple locations and being able to tell what is available has never been easier.
What's Happening Graphic What's Happening The Upcoming Arrangements screen gives you a summary by day and by arrangement of what is happening next for your families. See all of the scheduling details for these upcoming arrangements in one easy to read screen.
Calendar Sync Calendar Sync Now you can synchronize your FuneraLogic events with your personal Exchange Calendar. Give a full accurate look at your day both in FuneraLogic and on your phone. Get updates as they happen!

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Reporting Screenshots

Reporting Suite

How Are We Doing


Accounting Reports


Reporting Features

  • Forms Suite

    FuneraLogic comes pre-packed with over 40 At Need forms for you to use with every arrangement. Need something unique to you that's not there? No problem, we can build it for you!
  • How are we doing?

    How is your organization doing over time? Are you growing? What was your busiest month? Answer all of these questions with reporting on Pre Need, First Call and At Need totals by Date.
  • Accounting Reports

    While FuneraLogic supports linking accounting data with Quickbooks, it also contiains accounting specific reports for Aging and Account Statements. Take a deeper dive into the professional sercies that you offer and break those numbers down by Director or Branch with our Professional Services Reports.

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